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The Luminous Ballet

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Beneath a veil of twilight’s soft caress, A dancer whirls where light and shadow meet, The Luminous Ballet her silent greet, A flow of grace in motion’s gentle press. With blossoms bright as stars at night’s undress, She spins, and flowers rise in colors sweet, While dragonflies in rhythmic fleet retreat, Compose the air with wings that but confess. Her silent stage—the whispers of the night, Where ripples dare not mar the lake’s calm face, In reverence to the dance’s quiet grace, A tableau vivant of serene delight. With every step, a petal’s glow is cast, The Luminous Ballet—a spell so vast. A poem of the moment held in glass, Where time and beauty merge and ever last.

Collaboration between Chazwesley99 &Matiliart Art & music by Chazwesley99 Animation by Matiliart