ChazitiliSold Out

I See You

1/1 On Objkt

In a world woven with wonder, Beneath the veils of varied visage, Eyes, gateways to a thousand souls, Converge in a dance of colors bold. “I See You,” whispers the universe, In the silent language of sight, Where each gaze holds a story untold, A fragment of light in the collective fold. See me, in the myriad masks we wear, Each a universe, apart yet entwined, In the gallery of existence, Our stories are painted in strokes defined. So look beyond the surface, Where every color sings its part, “I See You,” a mural of moments, A symphony seen by the heart. For in this tapestry of perception, Every eye is a world perceived, And “I See You” is not just seeing, But understanding, feeling, being believed. So stand before this canvas of connection, Let your gaze wander, free and true, For in the art of recognition, The most profound truth is, I See You.

Collaboration between Chazwesley99 &Matiliart Art & music by Chazwesley99 Animation by Matiliart