Wings of Wonder

1/1 On Foundation

In a world of dreams, where magic unfurls,
There lies a realm, where wonder whirls.
Wings of Wonder, a mesmerizing show,
Where butterflies dance, their beauty aglow.

With delicate wings, they take to the air,
A kaleidoscope of colors, beyond compare.
They flutter and twirl, as petals they graze,
Creating a symphony through nature’s maze.

Around a flower, they gracefully dance,
An ethereal ballet, a fleeting chance.
Their gentle flutters, like whispers of grace,
Captivating hearts in this enchanted space.

Each fluttering moment, a story it tells,
Of nature’s wonders, where harmony dwells.
Through vibrant animation, their magic takes flight,
Filling our hearts with pure delight.

Collaboration between Matiliart & Chazwesley99
Artwork and Music by Chazwesley99
Animation by Matiliart