Tune in Love

Editions On Objkt

In the melody of love, let your heart be the guide, Tune in to its rhythm, let it be your stride. Notes of compassion and harmonies of care, Compose a symphony of love beyond compare. With each beat, let kindness be your refrain, Together, let empathy flow through every vein. In the grand symphony, let understanding play, And let compassion be the melody that stays. Unite the chords of love, let them resonate, Creating a masterpiece, destined to captivate. With every note, let tolerance ring true, Embrace diversity and let love shine through. So, tune in to the music of love’s sweet embrace, Let its melody guide you, filling every space. For in the symphony of love, we find our way, And with each heartfelt tune, a brighter world we portray.

Collaboration between Matiliart & Chazwesley99 Art & Music by Chazwesley99 Animation by Matiliart