The Secrets Below

1/1 On Foundation

In depths where shadows gently sway,
Where whispers linger, soft and low,
There lies a world in shades of gray,
Where secrets dance and mysteries flow.

Beneath the surface, hidden deep,
A realm of wonders yet untold,
In quiet slumber, secrets keep,
In whispers that the night unfolds.

Each brushstroke tells a tale untamed,
Of dreams and fears, of love and woe,
In silent depths, they are proclaimed,
In echoes of the undertow.

Oh, what wonders lie below,
In depths unseen, in shadows cast,
Where secrets whisper, soft and slow,
And memories of the past.

So let us wander, hand in hand,
Into the depths, where mysteries lie,
For in the secrets of this land,
We find the beauty that never dies.

Collaboration between Matiliart & Chazwesley99
Artwork and Music by Chazwesley99
Animation by Matiliart