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Girl of the Moon’s Embrace

1/1 On Objkt

Bathed in the moon’s ethereal glow, A girl finds solace where dreams bestow. In her eyes, a celestial grace, A gentle smile upon her face. She dances with shadows in the night, Guided by the moon’s enchanting light. A luminescent embrace, tender and true, As stardust weaves magic, her spirit imbued. Her heart, a vessel of lunar desires, Ignites with passion as the moon inspires. In her presence, a celestial bloom, A girl embraced by the moon’s gentle plume. She whispers secrets to the midnight sky, A symphony of stars as her lullaby. In her dreams, she soars on lunar beams, A girl of the moon, where wonder gleams. For in her soul, a celestial fire, She’s forever entwined with the moon’s desire. An eternal bond, an infinite chase, The girl of the moon’s everlasting embrace.

Collaboration between Matiliart & Chazwesley99 Art & Animation by Matiliart Music by Chazwesley99